Join the Discussion: Bellini Room 2103

Network operators are investing heavily in their networks to enable today’s smartphones and tablets to have the wireless connectivity needed to deliver the current explosion of applications and features. Too often, however, those same operators find themselves excluded from the revenue stream created by these new capabilities, and competitively limited in their options for expanding what consumers pay.

The focus of ATIS Executive Roundtables is to explore, explain and discuss ways in which network operators can reframe the current business model to make their networks true commercial transaction platforms. The event will detail how operators create new revenue streams by leveraging network capabilities in new ways and building new partnerships with device-makers and applications developers. In addition, the ATIS Executive Roundtables will address how operators can best leverage their existing network infrastructure and what they need to be adding in order to prepare for a more profitable future.

Opening Keynote: Kris Rinne SVP Network Technologies AT&T Labs

Discussion Topics

  • The development of APIs to enable developers to embed real-time communications information in their applications and create a path to monetizing network functions
  • Means to crafting new relationships with device makers and apps developers
  • The keys to building industry-wide collaboration on Mobile Device Integrity that addresses federal concerns about MDI and considers existing standards
  • How to address current security and management challenges around BYOD strategies to empower enterprise market
  • Understanding how a globally interoperable solution to trust and identify management can fuel the growth of cloud services for mobile devices, as well as more diverse mobile commerce

Who Should Attend?

  • Application Service Providers
  • CIOs and CTOs
  • IT Professionals and Project Leaders
  • Network Administrators, Architects and Engineers
  • Senior Decision Makers
  • The Operator and Carrier Community


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